Multiple Shutter Values

Something that I only just realised you could do in Silhouette now with the power of nodes… You can set different shutter values for different roto nodes and then combine them at the bottom all in one session. Simple, but working on plates that are retimed or have been shot at higher fps this comes in sooo handy where some specific areas need roto with more or less motion blur (without feathering).

Much easier than manually labelling layers that need to be rendered on different shutter settings manually after back on v5 haha. Cheers guys!

ps. A tool suggestion I’ve not got round to yet is to read the shutter from the exr sequence metadata and have Silhouette automatically adjust it for you or press a button to change it. I normally find it out from Nuke first then copy the values to Silhouette, so cutting out that step would be handy perhaps…
Happy New year…

Thanks for the tip Josh.

I will file a feature request for reading the shutter data from exr files.