Multiply Fusion Shapes trims to shortest shape

Hi! I made a bunch of rotos in Mocha OFX. Some of the shapes are trimmed down in length.
When I select multiple shapes in Mocha and export the shapes to Fusion Shapes and then paste them in Fusion I only get keyframes in the duration of the shortest shape.
Eg. Shape 1 goes from frame 0-100. Shape 2 goes from frame 40-60.
After pasting the shapes in Fusion, shape 1 only have keyframes from frame 40-60 also, the rest is gone.
I tried exporting the same shapes to After Effects and there all the keyframes got exported, so it’s something with the Fusion Shape-exporter.

I’m using Fusion 9.0.2 with Mocha Pro OFX 6.0.3.

Ok that definitely sounds like a bug. I’ll check to see how we’re handling the batching of shapes.