My Boris FX add-ons aren't working. (BCC Continuum)

After downloading the Boris FX Add-on BCC Continuum, I found out that I can’t use them. But I actually purchased them with my Vegas Pro.


I really wanna know why this big “X” appears on the screen. It doesn’t seem right.

I need help to solve this problem.

Hi Pedro,

The red X that you’re seeing in the first image is an indicator that the Continuum filters that you are using cannot find a valid license.

In the second image, you show that you have purchased Boris FX Primatte Studio - this is a single filter and not a group of filters and if you have only purchased the license for this single filter then none of the other filters have a valid license, which is most likely the reason for the red X in the first shot, where you appear to be using the BCC Radial Wipe effect.

So in order to use the other filters in the package, you need to purchase a license, which you can do via our website here :

I hope this helps!


I have had similar problems with the Continuum Units installer for Vegas 19. The links sent to me by Magix did not work. I found that I had to download a file called OFX Hosts from borisfx, then was able to add at least one of my three licenses.

You mean Boris FX Primatte Studio is just one single plugin? I thought I’d be able to use the Boris plugins.

Yep, Primatte Studio is a single filter and that’s what the license that you have will unlock. If you’re interested in unlocking any of the other filters, they can be purchased as a full set or by the unit. You can find more info on that here :

Hi, have a look at this vid if you want to remove the filters with a red cross leaving only Primatte Studio in your FX list,