My MochaAE cannot track a completely stable shot--what's wrong with it?

Since I installed AE on this Mac mini, I’ve never had Mocha work properly. You can see in this video I’m trying to track some very basic footage, but Mocha starts going wild before the shot even starts moving. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling After Effects, or exporting the footage different ways and re-importing into AE, but nothing seems to work.

Hi, i’m fairly new to this so not much help but your selection spline is covering 3 or 4 different planes, the wood top/surface, the picture, the mirror behind, Mocha is maybe getting confused, it looks ahead sees the difference & tries to work that out, it doesn’t like reflections either so maybe the mirror is throwing it off,
does it still jump if you select just the picture?
so it looks more like this, or maybe just select the frame as there might be a reflection on the glass of the picture that adds to the confusion

Yes, it still jumps. I’ve tried this on two different computers.

What happened to Mocha AE? It used to be so reliable

That does seem very odd for a static start.

Try turning off your GPU processing in Mocha AE preferences and then restart Mocha, then track again.
Is this the latest After Effects? What Mac mini system is it?

I agree with @martinb , this looks like a GPU error and almost certainly needs to be tracked with CPU only. But ALSO Gid is correct, the shape is tracking too many planes. Just try tracking the frame only.

@alan1 if it’s possble, i’d like to see the footage and project so we can test to see why your GPU is having such trouble. The Mocha log from the help menu would be useful too. What drivers are you currently on?

Turning off GPU tracking fixed the issue. Thanks!