My Silhouette workfile keeps on crashing

Hey, I have just finished a file and rendered it. After rendering Silhouette crashed and when I try to reopen its keeping on crashing. What are the methods to resolve this?

Any insights are appreciated, BTW I am using the lastest version of Silhouette2020.


It is best to request support here: Boris FX | Open a Case

When submitting your support case, please include a download link to your project–no media is needed.

I couldn’t find the option to attach my project file!

Please provide a download link to your project. Thanks.

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@askmadlookz When you reply, there’s an upload button in the middle of the toolbar. Just zip your project file and as long as it’s not more than a few MB zipped, the forum software will let you upload it.

Can always try to open the project file with an older version of Silhouette. Normally the first go to solution for me which more often that not actually works and just export out the splines.

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Silhouette support team sorted out the issue, Unfortunately, we are not sure what’s the reason for the crash but we found the issue is because of the GPU to CPU switching…

@askmadlookz “GPU to CPU switching” what do you mean by this? Switching by you or by Silhouette?

some nodes are crashing in GPU! normally it should switch to CPU and here its not happening for some X,Y,Z reasons.