My splines have gone completely haywire

I have been tracing my footage breaking down the footage into shapes, to make my workflow easier, I have created some clean spline work, but suddenly when I track, the spline goes crazy and stretch far beyond the frame. I change the tracking options I try frame step-through tracking, but it still occurs. If I start the track in 2 frames infront of the problem sometimes works.

I closed down the Mocha software and AE, the restarted it and all the splines I have been working on, no longer trace to the footage, but create lines all around the frame or are scattered around the screen. It was fine like a second ago. there is also a message that says “Layer Overlay Error: Point could not be transformed into frame due to distortion. Error SEL3” on certain frames. Any help would be helpful.

It depends on the track, but this can be related to getting a specific planar track over distorted and corrupts the spline. It could also be related to one shape having a point that is too close to another point.

  • Are you tracking clear planar shapes? What type of shape are you using?
  • Bezier or X-Spline?
  • Can you show an image?