My tracking is not correct in After effects

I’m currently making a project, I want to make my eyes Glow red, however, I did all the tracking on Mocha ae, But every time I past, it past outside. Please explain in detail how to correct it please.

When you say you paste it outside, what do you mean by that? If your key frames are pasting incorrectly, it may be that they are pasting off the timeline. Look on the whole length of your clip (not your composite) and see if it’s pasting outside your comp range. A workaround for this is paste shapes on a solid of the same size as the footage you tracked in mocha and use that as a track matte to troubleshoot shape issues, that way you can slide the keys into place when they paste so far offscreen.

The reason you are encountering this is because the mocha standalone products like mocha AE are actually reading the full clip instead of the host project. If you want seamless integration, try using the mocha Pro Plug-In, and trimming the comp to the work area, that will completely eliminate any copy and pasting errors as it reads from and renders to your timeline, and can even calculate motion blur with roto, it also has several other useful modules mocha AE doesn't have, like remove and insert.
A workaround you can try is trimming the frame range inside of mocha and seeing if that fixes your issue, but you still must make sure your frame rate and aspect ratio match from your host to mocha. That also means if you're pasting on a layer it needs to be the same size as your tracked footage.