NADIR removal aided by base plate

I was wondering if there would be any value in using a base plate in my videos. Insta360 pro can automatically add a logo to your video.

Would that help Mocha VR to replace the baseplate when I am moving. The camera rig is me, so I am not a consistent shape, thats why I think it would be easier for the software to remove.

Does it matter what the logo looks like, solid color, checkered flag, ?

It’s probably better to just have the raw image so you can remove tighter around the rig, but ultimately it depends on what you want to have as the final result. If you plan to have a logo at the NADIR anyway, then removal may be moot.

Since you can animate your roto around the rig (i.e you) the result is probably going to be cleaner. If you add in the logo, there is a larger area you need to remove, which may not look as good.

Keep in mind if your ground plane is fairly consistent (i.e the detail doesn’t vary much around the removal point) you my be able to get away with a quick lens distort removal instead of the full blown Remove module.

Thanks Martin, I really don’t want a logo. Just trying to get around having to change the roto in long clips.
I think I finally understand the lens distort removal so I might give that a bash as well.

Yeah, the major downside to long clips is the extra care needed on the roto of the foreground. A pain, but no real way to get around that other than a larger shape or more roto time.

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