Neat Video Now Supported in Silhouette 2020.5

We are pleased to announce that Neat Video is now officially supported in Silhouette 2020.5. Details can be found here: Neat Video 5.3 has arrived | News | Neat Video


Saw this the other day Marco, this looks like a great addition! Will have to check it out, since the Nuke plugin is so heavily used. Can see it being very useful for frame by frame paint not cloning static grain that might still be present without having to go back and forth between Nuke. And if we can use the plugin in logspace & offsetting up the plate before hand etc.

thanks for the update. I have been considering Neat for awhile and I just got Silohuette. One question about Neat.

Will Neat also remove the blocky noise artifacts and banding created from video compression artifacts?

Silhouette has the following nodes in the Filter tab:

Blocking artifacts created as a result of high compression factors can be
removed with the Deblock filter.

Deband removes banding artifacts from an image by smoothing pixels in
banded areas while retaining detail.

As far as Neat Video is concerned, the following may help:


Compression Artifacts
A forum post on this topic is available here: remove compression artifacts - Neat Video & Neat Image community

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Thank you !