Necklace Removal



I’ve watched several tutorials on object removal, blemish removal, etc. and I’m trying to figure out the best approach to removing this necklace from the talent per my client’s request.


Necklace Shot: - YouTube


I don’t do this a lot.

I know the principles of tracking, creating a ‘clean’ frame without the necklace in Photoshop.


The light changes a bit, and I know Mocha can adjust for that.

Also, as she raises her hand up, she covers part of the necklace, so I know I’ll have to track her hand and use that as a mask.


Is this something I’d need to do a multi-pass approach (if there is such a thing) like we do in green screen removal.


This isn’t as simple (or it seems like it to me) as removing a simple blemish on a face.


Any pointers or workflow tips would be appreciated.





Because of the shadows, and the hand passing over it, this is more of a roto and rotopaint situation than a remove task. But you can use this technique but in AE to make it work easier! Boris FX | U.F.Oh Yeah Paint: How to Stabilize and Roto Paint in Nuke using Mocha Pro and MochaImport+

Or you can simply move roto paint with mocha tracking data in AE, whatever works for you.

Thanks Mary, I’ll try that.

I thought it might be a bit more complicated than a standard removal :slight_smile:

OK, so I figured out how to make this work in AE with the Mocha Import +, but I’m wondering if my track is off.

When I use the clone tool in AE, it works great for about 3/4ths of the way through, then the necklace starts showing up again.

If you look at my two images, you can see one where the necklace is at the ‘crossing’ of the guides, but a few frames later, the necklace is quite a few pixels to the right.

Is this because I have a bad track?

Any tips would be appreciated.



OK, it was my track. I was tracking the shirt on the LH side of the frame and that’s what I exported. When I changed the track to just the necklace area, it was spot on.
Now to get the paint to work like I want. It’s tougher with the hand moving across the frame.

Sorry for the late reply, I was out of the office. I am glad you are sorted!