Need help figuring out if Silhouette has automation capabilities

Currently have a lot of shots in colour grade and requires a lot of masks/ shapes in different alphas for face, eyes, shadows and even full human body/ bodies. Is there a technique or process to automate the rotos to apply to multiple shots? A friend mentioned to copy the node tree and apply it to the rest of the shots. Hope my description makes sense.

Yes, you can copy the tree used in one shot and paste it for a different shot. However, the tracking data and shapes will most likely need to be edited. The only real automation in Silhouette is being able to track the motion of the shot and apply it to the shapes. I would suggest that after you copy/paste the tree and connect up the new source, select any layers in the Roto > Object List and click Reset All in the Node > Parameters window. In addition, I would delete all shape keyframes other than frame 1. You would then edit all the shapes for the new shot and track appropriately. At least the rest of the nodes should be reusable if the shots are similar.

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