Need help on jib shot - replacing video with video

First time Mocha user, very excited to incorporate it into my roto and AE workflow after seeing it demo’d at NAB. I’ve watched about 10-15 tutorial videos online and am still having trouble with my shot.
*The shot:
*Camera is outside of a house, looking at window. Girl walks over to window and closes the curtain. (all of this action will be cut out - she then runs downstairs, gets in position at the window on the bottom floor). Camera jibs straight down and as it comes to a rest on the first floor window, she closes that curtain as well.
this is the beginning shot
camera jibbing down… the window should be replaced with the first part of the shot, where the curtains are still swaying.
jibbing down, tracking…
(at this point, track would be over, and rest of video would play out with her closing the bottom window)
The plan was to just cut out the time elapses when she closes that first curtain, so the camera would immediately begin jibbing down once the curtain was closed.
*The problem:
*The curtains sway and move for about 10-12 seconds after she closes them, but by the time we start jibbing, the curtains are stationary.
*The goal:
*To roto the window frame with the girl closing the curtains, then composite that window into the same shot about 20 seconds later, when the camera jibs down.
I figure I could roto the window, track the jib camera move, and parent the window to the tracked jib data. However I’ve had no luck so far… I think part of my problem is that the house is blue, sky is blue/white, window is white, and there is very little contrast in the image, making tracks difficult.
But more importantly, it’s just my lack of knowledge of mocha. Could anyone give me input on how this track would be completed?
After Effects CS5 (
Mocha v2 for AE
Footage is 4k, this SFX shot will be a 2k output
Thanks in advance,

Looking at the frames the only issue I can see would be the separate plane of the veranda roof getting in the way of the wall.
Are you seeing a problem tracking in mocha itself or the export to AE?
How I would track this shot:

  1. Draw a large shape encompassing the entire facing wall up to just outside the white edges of the building
  2. Using “Add Spline to Layer” cut a hole where the actual window pane is. If you don’t exclude her and the curtains out of the shot it may throw the track (see attached image)
  3. monitor the track by setting up your surface and grid parallel to the wall
  4. Stop the track when the window starts to disappear and extend your tracking shape down the where the angle of the roof cuts into the wall, then keep tracking.
    If you’re having trouble with luminance, I would suggest switching to Auto Channel in your tracking parameters. Also, set the “Min % of pixels used” to about 90 and turn on perspective. See the attached image for the settings I would use.
    In some tracks like this the repetitive nature of the walls can throw off the tracker since it’s trying to find a similar set of details on the next frame, so anything you can add to the shape to break the repetition helps, such as the window frame and the edge of the roof later.

Are you using corner pin or transform for the track export?
When you paste data for tracking with the transform export you need to delete your anchor-point keyframes or the track will not move. The anchor point is set so that people can use the data for stabilisation instead of tracking.
If you are using corner pin you need to make sure that your comped footage is the same dimensions as the original plate, or you can get incorrect distortion.
Also, make sure that your frame rate, aspect ratio and frame offset are the same in both applications.

Thank you for your help… I followed your instructions and it gave me a pretty good track… there are a few areas that slipped and I plan to fix, but I am more confused about the AE setup.
This is what I’ve done…

  • I roto the window frame - she enters the top window, closes the curtains, then disappears back inside the house… I roto around the window frame as the curtains slowly sway and eventually stop. This is the layer that I want to add ON TOP of my video as the camera jibs down. So…
  • I track the jib motion (using the method you described) and get a motion track for the jib.
    This is where I get confused - what do I do with this data? I’ve tried copying the track data to a null, then parenting the null to my window roto, but that didn’t work… What is the best method to composite the two together? I’m assuming I’ve skipped a precomp step somewhere, but I haven’t figured it out yet.
    Thanks in advance,