Need help removing a background object

hello anyone that can help me!

first … it’s a serial killer movie … hence … dude hanging from ceiling … just wanted to prepare y’all.

I’m trying to remove a background object (that doesn’t move) from a sequence that I have, and an actor steps in front of it part way through, whenever I try to remove the background object (using a cleanplate), it removes the actor as well. I know that there has to be an easy way for mokey to do this i just can’t figure out how!


Shot where object (water heater) is unobstructed (very easy to remove):

Shot where object (water heater) is obstructed by actor (not easy):

I’m trying to just eliminate the water heater so there is black background behind the actor. I was using a black frame as a clean plate. Any help as to how to do this? Thanks a bunch.

anyone? beuhler?

If you have a clean plate (black) then you will simply need to roto out the actor in the foreground, no other way to do it.

As far as the hair, this could be tricky and you might want to investigate a combination of keying, roto and maybe a difference matte.

Sorry, but can’t think of a way the mokey could atomate any of this for you.

As it seems the camera is in the same place all the time, I think the best way to do that is using a difference matte.