Need Help Screen Replacement Premiere Pro Mocha Plugin

Hello Community,

I am an experienced editor but a novice at VFX. Need help with many TV screen replacements on a feature. Can anyone give me a numbered list of a basic screen replacement tutorial in the Mocha Plugin for Premiere. I’m using footage from my bins. Premiere Version 22.1.2 MacBook M1 Max Monterey. Any help is much appreciated.

Beyond the basics, any additional instructions dealing with foreground action that block the screens, like people walking in front of a TV.



If you want to fully lean Mocha, we recommend watching the Mocha Essentials free series.

Here are a bunch of videos more specific to Premiere and screen inserts:

I’ve looked at some of these, thank you. Does it matter that they are from 2017,2018 and 2019? I still would like a numbered list if it’s possible.


Most of the techniques will be the same, even for older tutorials. The tracking and insert procedure hasn’t changed significantly, aside from a few minor interface changes.

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