Need help solving the camera

My shot was taken inside a reflective stairway, travelling through the pathway and looking out of the window.

it causes many issues due to reflections, but the main thing is connecting the two seperate spaces (the inner room, and the outer environment shown out of the window).

What is the best way to tackle this?

Unfortunately the best way to tackle this is a whole, whole bunch of tracked paint and patches. There’s no one click solution for reflective stairwells. I’d use mochaimport+ or stabilize paint area patches as much as possible to make rotopaint as easy as it is going to be. You may also need some 3D projections, depending on how complex the movement is. Without seeing the shot, I can’t tell you much.

For reference, the Kenzo World video that was recently made in a reflective staircase shot cleanplates, used tons of rotopaint, and took about 3 weeks to complete (and was split up and painted in sections).