Need help tracking and stabilizing my aviation videos

Hi everybody,

I am new to Mocha Pro and I would like to know if it is possible to track, center and stabilize my aviation videos I have recently recorded. I watched plenty of tutorials but thus far the results of my stabilization efforts are not very statisfying.

I hope to archieve stabilization similar to the first part of the video listed below (if that is even possible). Please let me know what I am doing right or wrong. I am eager to learn!

Example video of what I am trying to stabilize:

My goal is to keep the aircraft in my videos centered but without the front touching the edge of the video as seen in the video below:

It should be. I’d track the side of the plane, and then stabilize translation only, or more depending on the look you are going for. And make sure you use reference frames to make the crop line up where you want it to.

Have you watched any of our training? We have some extensive training on stabilization.

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Hi Mary,

Thank you for your quick reply. I did watch several videos about stablization but perhaps I have been watching the wrong videos.

Well, the main thing is that the track is rock solid. Make sure the track is right, then use the stabilize settings you want, and make sure to assign some reference frames. Reference frames are going to be key. I like one at the start and end at the least.

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Let’s try that again. Maybe this tutorial I did will help:

If you just want to stabilize the camera shot try drawing a spline around the center of the plane at the midpoint of the shot, setting tracking to 95% of the pixels and Translation only. If you get a good track through the entire shot verified by a sample image attached to the layer, then save/return to AE/copy the tracking data/then apply translation (position) data to a null. Open the Anchor point of the footage layer, open the Position property of the null, then tie the position of the null to the anchor point of the footage.

The footage position will change so you will have to adjust it and scale up the footage layer to hide the edges. You may want to add a couple of position keyframes and maybe even keyframe the scale.

I hope that helps.


I have tried to create an acceptable track to stablilize but I quickly found out that tracking the aircraft was far from easy. It drastically changes shape and the wing obscures parts of the fuselage. Should I try to track it manually instead?

If you put a holdout matte on the wing in the layer above the plane that should be fine.

surprised it’s not been posted here, yet, but it looks like Mary will be doing a stream in about an hour inspired by trying to help this exact issue , Office Hours 23: Artistic Stabilization [Boris FX Learn With Mary Poplin June 21st 2022] - YouTube


Thanks, Shane, I meant to post it here. I just have been prepping files for the Office Hours.