Need help tracking of a simple scene not tracking well

I have used mocha before and tracked many videos, but this one is just being too much.
I recorded the video in the latest android phone in high-res 4k and added the video to after effects and rendered it out as jpeg sequence.

Furthermore, I have a video scene the area is open has a lot of objects around and still I cannot manage to get solid track, wonder why.

Please download the file image sequence and test to see if you can get solid track.
Zip file size 1.82gb
Can anybody examine the file and get back to me what was the problem so that I can learn from it.


Sure, can you let me know what the end goal is while I am downloading your file?

Hi there, I still need to know what you’re trying to do here to advise. Are you trying to stabilize? Replace the sign on the wall?

I can see why you might be having issues, this is a handheld phone shot with a ton of shake and definitely is going to be a bit tricky no matter what you are trying to do with it.

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sorry for the late reply mary.
so handheld shots are hard to track ?.
will it be easy if i layed down track points,objects as track markers in scene.

It’s less that it is handheld and more that it is a cellphone AND handheld unsteadily. The texture of the scene is compromised by the compression from the phone codec.

What is the end goal here? I am not sure tracking markers are going to help, you need steadier shooting (they make Steadicam rigs for phones), and in general phone quality video is very low even when “resolution is high” because it is video on a limited space device.

What this shot will probably need is careful tracking and hand adjustment. But again, I need to know what you are trying to do here to advise.

by the way maryp ignore this first post its all over and done with i need your help in another thing.

Particul illusion.

Question number 1.
in particul illusion you have the moca tab and after mocha opens it has a emmiter tracker.
is it possible to hide all those layers and make a new spline and track were ever i want and than add the tracking points to the emmiter layer and save ?

Question number 2
in AE i have element 3d layer with a 3d null.
now i want to add particul illusion to the null how do i do it ?

You know what, let me tag @PeterMcAuley for that. He’s going to make sure I don’t tell you the wrong thing… It has been a minute since I refreshed on PI.

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no replies.
seems like i will not get answer to what am asking.
i will stop using P.I and not pay anything anymore times up.

We don’t work over the weekend, sorry that this went beyond your timeline. In the future, if you need a speedier reply, please try the contact support option on our website or call 1-888-77-BORIS.
You can always log a case here: Boris FX | Open a Case


Hi There!

Apologies for taking so long to get back to you but we’re here to assist you with this and hopefully provide you with the answers that you need to better understand the toolset in Particle Illusion.

You can ignore the default trackers that appear in Mocha when launched from Particle illusion and create your own but why would you ever want to do that? We put these in place to make it easier to understand and work with so your best option is to use these instead of trying to work past the feature.

To link the Element 3D object movement and the movement of the Particles via a null object you’ll need to set the PI transforms to World (or World+Emitter depending the result you’re after) and then pickwhip the World Center to the Null. Please let me know if this works for you.


Let me create a 3d scene say i have element 3d and added a airplane and now in 3d space as i rotate the airplane i want to add particle illusion smoke to the airplane engines.

if you can kindly watch this clip i made you will get good understand of my goal

and now here is another video based on your reply

i get error when i try add it to null.

or at least on your end try and copy what am trying to do and than post a reply with how you made it work