Need help w/Wire Remover tracking - frame rates impacting?

I have a shot where someone is working a pole-mounted bird-puppet as she walks across a stage. I’m trying to remove the pole.

It seems like a pretty straightforward job for BCC Wire Remover, but the track that Mocha is doing (and doing well) isn’t translating back in my host (Vegas Pro 17). Not sure if it’s a frame rate difference between source footage and the project, or a Mocha/Continuum setting? Hoping y’all can help?

Sample SHORT Video demonstrating the problem

I think it will make it much more clear what’s happening if you change the Wire Remover View menu to Preview. That will replace the affected region with a bright red bar so you can tell exactly where the tracked points are. The Show Motion Path option in the Motion Tracker group also gives an indication, but as your screencapture demonstrates the points move around the same area a fair amount so the motion path squiggles across itself and is hard to interpret. Those Motion Path lines show the location of the track on the nearest +/- 50 frames. There are two lines - one for each tracker point. There is a small rectangular box that represents the tracker location at the CURRENT point in time, but that will be easier to visualize with Wire Remover’s Preview mode enabled. Note that the Vegas point picker cross hair widgets themselves do NOT move in response to tracking. Those point picker locations are completely ignored if you have tracking turned on so it’s not a problem that they don’t move.

Based on your video it looks like one end point was tracked at least roughly correctly, but the lower one is not where you are wanting it to be. It appears offset to the right which which be clear if Preview is enabled, so I think the challenge is to figure out where the tracking of that second point went wrong. For starters if you click on the track for that second point in the mocha UI, where is the blue cross hair? It may need to be shifted to the correct starting location, but it could be that the track itself is not correct due to the manual tracking you said was required.

See what you can learn from that analysis and at that point it likely comes down to an issue of refining the track in mocha.


Thanks for replying Jason.

Great tip on setting the view mode to Preview. Things were definitely wonky so I removed the effect and re-added a new instance of it to my clip in the Vegas timeline. I re-tracked in Mocha – like before, the top point stayed pretty much on target but I had a bear of a time (grrrrr) tracking the bottom point. A few manual tweaks and at least the first half seemed to be tracked well… until I returned to Vegas to see it was way off!

  1. What’s the best way to track that bottom point in Mocha?
  2. Why does it appear accurate in Mocha, but is shifted to the left back in my host (Vegas)?

Here’s a video showing what I’m doing … music added for comic effect (hey, ya gotta laugh when things don’t go right… it saves lots of broken computer pieces against the wall! :wink:)

BCC Remover Test #2… ARGH!


Any chance you can share the clip with us? You could send a link via a private message in the forum or email it to:
jclement at borisfx dot com


Hi Rob.
It looks to me that your bottom track point is slipping all over the place because your search area is not focused on valid pixels to track. Understanding the relationship between the search area and the center track point is important for motion tracking and even more important for planar tracking. So - you might get a better track on the bottom hand, instead of at the bottom of the pole… then offsetting the point down to the bottom of the pole. As the shot proceeds, most of this data disappears as the shot goes on, making it difficult to get a solid track.

Looking at the shot, another option might be to use the BCC remover filter - it is similar to the wire remove concept but can be driven by masks instead of the 2 point line. In the Mocha portion, you could track just the top hand and than animate the linked Mocha mask to isolate the pole with a lot more control. Than back in Continuum, you can adjust the clone offset. You will also have more control to mask around the hand, depending on how perfect you would want to make the shot.

Hope this helps give you some more options or things to think about.

Definitely can… I may render out a sub clip since the original media pretty sizable and 1 hr long.

From what you saw in my video, am I doing something incorrectly or inefficiently?

PS Interesting – my e-mail notification of your reply says “Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond”, but the return-address ( gets bounced back.