Need help with Primatte Studio - hair on greenscreen


Hello, I have a problem to obtain a significant result with the hair in one of my videos filmed on a green background. I did the tutorials on Primate Studio (Pulling the perfect key) and I remain disappointed in the result. It works well on the top of the hair etc … but on both sides I have problems. The result looks like an intertwining and flickering problem.

It’s hard to know what to recommend without seeing the clip since keying is so dependent on the footage. For example shots with lots of grain, noise, or compression artifacts might behave very differently than a similar shot without those sources of randomness. Would you be able to send a link to a sample clip (full resolution)? You could send it off-list by private messaging me through the forum or emailing:
jclement at borisfx dot com

Thank you. I send you a file with wetransfer link. My problem is the hair sparkle on the both side of is head. Can you help me to find the best setting to have a good result.

Thanks. We will take a look and let you know what we find.


I took a shot at keying this clip and while I believe the result that I’ve achieved is a decent step up from the key result that you were able to achieve. I’ve included a preset that I’d like you to check on your system. To use it, apply the Primatte Studio filter to the shot, then in the filters control panel, click on the LOAD button at the top of the filter, navigate the the directory where you placed this preset and select it.

There’s a ton of noise in the shot which will result in a little chatter along the edges. You can see the noise clearly if you preview the Red channel in the original source. I’ve done my best to reduce the chatter using the soften matte parameter in the Primatte Studio filter.

Also, there is a reflection on the frame of his glasses which you can easily take care of by using the Mocha option in the Inside Mask Shape.

Please let me know your thoughts on the key result.

Peter. (2.2 KB)

And here’s a second preset with a slight tweak.

Peter. (2.2 KB)

Hello Peter and Jason,

PROBLEM :frowning:


The preset you made me freeze my adobe after effect and my adobe premiere. and I can not see any results. I have to use the force to leave to get the program closed. :frowning:

Did you put mocha pro in the Primatte studio? Just to know because I have, but I have not sapphire by cons.

Yet I have already tried a preset taken on the forum (for the keying of another topic) and it worked very well by loading it in the primatte sutio plugins.

It’s bizzare that.

Also I do not know if you can help me if it is the good department for the service but here I am a little discouraged, because I want to make buy all your products to my boss, but I have a problem with the performance of my computer in adobe premiere with borisfx plugins and especially mocha. Yet in after effect mocha is going very well and the plugins are also better. They remain that they are not in real time and that renderings are long. But better than in first.

Even if I change the video rendering Mercury plaback engine acceleration GPU (open cl gold metal) I vrm not bcp performance in premiere.

My Mac is up to date

Here are my components:
Mac Pro (late 2013)
processor 3 Ghz 8-core intel Xeon E5
Memory 64 GB 1866 MHz DDR3
2X graphics AMD FirePro D700 6GB

thank you for helping me


I’m so surprised that the presets that I sent caused such a hang-up on your system - we’ve not seen this in our labs while QA testing the product. Can you tell me please the version of Continuum that you’re using? It may be that you’re running an older version that I am and that this is why the preset didn’t work for you but for it to hang your system like that is a cause of great concern and totally unexpected. Mocha is indeed included as an option in Primette Studio but I didn’t use it in the presets that I created for you. I’ll send you a screenshot to show you the result that I achieved.

Regarding the Mocha performance in Premiere Pro on your system - one possible option for you would be to complete all of the Mocha related work in the standalone version of Mocha and take the rendered file from Mocha and cut that into your Premiere Pro sequence. Then it will playback in real-time.


Hi! I sent you a private email message with a screenshot of the result that I achieved using your footage. Cheers, Peter.

Actually that email bounced back - must have been a problem with the email address. Can you please send me your email address so that I can send you the image? You can send that to


I send to you a email and my email adress is