Need serious and urgent Help in Removal module
How are you all Boris team and Mocha team i love your all work. I am really stuck in damn tough problem from several days and after a thousands tries i can’t skip it out please if Marry or Mr. Bertin anyone both of them are here please i beg you to help me for this shot, I just now decided to contact to you gyz please do something i need this footage as my desire in 2 deadline days.
Actually the problem is in it if you check that shot there is a classroom scene where teacher teach small cute kids and behind the teacher there is a painting wall in above of it you can see ducks but the matter of the fact is in below under below dark ducky there is a wall part which is painted in yellow but that area is lots of damage victim i want and need to repair that area and remove it with mocha removal and replace it with cool yellow paint like real feel !?
But i can’t success to track a solid track and when i try to remove with 2 cleanplates one is start and one is very end its not blend correctly and that is the major issue bcz start and ending frame when try to blend together its show weird artifact in middle bcz 2nd clean plate is a off screen ?! please help me to do it or HOW to…

Please download and solve this remove problem in urgent bases, Thank you.

Please Check this thread for help on how to accomplish this task.

Anthony is correct, the thread he linked should work for you. Please let us know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.

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