Need to remove a rig

I’m new to Mocha/Motor and tracking and roto in general but it seems like it should be easy to track and mask out the rig, since its stable in the shot. But the real problem is what are you going to put in the empty space that is created

hey whats up everyone. i need to remove this rig i made but im not being able to.

any one can help please?

not really sure if you need to track it even. a rough roto around the rig for the ground, duplicate your source and move it a frame ahead and use that for the ground. might need to roto in a fake shadow… probably help to track that. rig on the motorcycle can be painted out on one frame and tracked back over.

The problem or the “Not” problem is that the frame rate shutterspeed is low enough you can mask alot of continuity issues on the ground.

You just need to attack one section at a time.