Needing advice

Hey there.

I have two “tricky” remove situations and i would like to get some advice/tips.

I have a panning shot (calling it “bath shot” here) where there is a shadow on the wall that i want to remove.
I tracked it correctly and painted a cleanplate. But somehow my remove plate is always “cut off” (track and bg shape are big enough and even go out of frame).

In the second shot (“living room shot”) there is a lamp in the background with tape on it. I want to remove the tape but not the whole lamp. I am confused and dont really know how to tell mocha what to remove and what not to remove.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Flo,

For the first shot, make sure your fg shape always covers the entire area you need removed and make sure your BG track shape is always larger than your FG shape, make sure that you are using a cleanplate from the frame where you can see the largest amount of wall space, and make sure your track is rock solid, those are the only two things I can think of where the remove would be cut off. Or simply use an insert patch instead to replace it, they don’t have to be the same size as the footage.

For the second shot, I’d just make sure you get a good track. You won’t if you track those FG books or movies at the same time you track your back wall, nither of which is the lamp you should be tracking if you want to do a remove on the lamp itself.

Try that and let me know!


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Thank you Mary! The second shot remove finally works for me.

The first shot although is still a problem. i also came to the conclusion that my track is not rock solid there. i redid the bg track several times. tried to make my bg shape smaller and tracked different portions of that wall to find the best spot where the track could be perfect. also tracked backwards from “most detail/wall visibile” to “least information” aso. but this wall seems to be a challenge to track.



(Mocha view)



For this shot, if you want to cheat, you can probably just cut the offending object out with a roto shape and duplicate your layer in your host, move it underneath the object you want to remove, and offset the BG layer until the shadows line up. No remove necessary. This is especially useful if you can’t get a good track.

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