Nested layer displays as expected in Mocha, but offset in Premiere

A nested graphic layer in Premiere is used as an insert and displays at one location in Mocha:

But renders at a different location back in Premiere:

  1. What could be causing this issue ?
  2. Is there a superior workflow for matching text to the scene’s perspective ?

Inside Mocha Pro, can you try rendering? Does the image inside Mocha render correctly?

Your 2 images are different sizes. Are you scaling or rendering at a different resolution than your timeline? I am wondering if it is a premiere proxy render bug?

As a quick workaround, if the render in Mocha Pro looks good, you could export that to file and import it back to Premiere. (File>Export Rendered Clip).

Beyond this, you will need to share more details about the project, source and sequence settings.

Yes in Mocha Pro the frames are rendered as expected.

The images I posted are screenshots from the applications, then I quickly cropped them to post here.

The source video is 4k and the PP timeline is 1080p. Do you think that is an issue ?

Yes I can do the workaround, but it is not a convenient workflow.

I transcoded the source to 1080p same as the timeline and this resolved the render mismatch.

Thank you for pointing that out Ross. :slight_smile:

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Great - thanks a lot for following up here. Happy to help.

Compositing in Premiere can sometimes have issues with mixed resolutions or stacked comps. For more complex compositing, you might want to use AE. On that note – Mocha Pro in AE does have more advanced workflow features – to paste your Mocha tracking/shape data to native AE params, nulls, and masks.


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