"Network error" activation failure

Got my annual BCC 11 subscription activation code. Code is accepted but I get this failure notice:
“Network read error. If you have a proxy server please check the configuration. 0x7cf92b”

Any solutions?

Windows 10
Adobe CC 2018

For problems like this it is best to directly contact support@borisfx.com. It sounds like this machine may be having problems with internet connectivity, but the support team would be best equipped to help you diagnose the problem.

I did…crickets

Resolved on March 2nd with assistance from BorisFX support.

Having the resolution posted would be great for others having the same issue since there was no response to my message left for support to contact me weeks ago

I believe this particular issue required interaction with our support staff to resolve and there is no simple description which can be posted here. We have a very knowledgeable support team so please contact them again since it sounds like there was a communication failure somewhere along the way.

Hi Everyone.

In this case, the user implemented an Offline Activation, but this required a Key file be sent to them, which is specifically crafted based on the 16-digit Key itself. As such, contacting Support about this matter would be necessary, but in cases like these, if you can provide your 16-digit Activation Key for Offline Activation, this will help speed your Support correspondence up.

Thank you.

If this happens I find it’s best to skip the app manager. Activate directly from inside the App. work for Mocha fail as well.