New and maybe stupid?

I have been trying to track a scene that just will not track at all. I have drawn multiple tracking areas and still the track goes nuts in a few spots. The contours, weights (whatever) fly so far off screen i cant even see them. I have tried everything. The weird thing is the places where everything goes crazy has very little movement. What is happening here and how the hell can I track this scene?

simply had enough :frowning:

It’s hard to say without seeing the content and how your shapes are drawn. Is the footage noisy/grainy or otherwise very little detail or contrast in the tracked area? Are there anomalous reflections or lighting changes that happen within the tracking area that could be throwing it off? Are your tracking shapes a little too loose and picking up background motion on other planes?

Post a frame of the material for starters.

Well again it’s impossible to give any specific help without seeing the shot to determine what is going wrong in your case, but a couple of general things that may or may not help based on what you’ve said:

  • If the material is 60i, make sure you set the clip up correctly as field-based with the right field ordering when you import the clip into Monet
  • If the tracking object is going partially off-screen in places, remember to use the Camera tab and setup a mask to cut off any blanking the image might have to keep the tracker from getting confused by seeing a black stripe along the edges of the frame
  • If the camera is moving such that the perspective of what you’re trying to track is changing drastically, turn on Perspective in the Track options for the layer as it is off by default
  • If your material has significant lens distortion due to wide-angle lenses etc, use the Lens tab to correct for the lens distortion first as the tracker will have a much harder (or sometimes impossible) time when the data is really curved. See the manual or tutorials here on how to use the lens distortion correction.

Thanks for replying bob. The footage is 1080i so no issues with bad footage. The scene(s) are of an hockey arena with the majority of the shots with a lot of ice and glass. It seems the major problem is the
Movement of the camera. The main camera is on a jib with and extreme wide eye and is fairly quick and is zooming, panning and raising along with a tilt sometimes. The other camera angles are from handheld. I can track the ice or board for a short period of time but the moment the camera moves the tracking looses refrence. I have tried single and multiple masks to track but nothing seems to work.