New Application Manager


I currently have a dongle to transfer my BCC license from machine to machine. Would it be any easier if I were to use the App. Mgr. to do the same thing?


With the App Manager you can easily deactivate a license on one machine but leave the software installed. You can then reactivate the license on another machine which already has the software installed. You must do the deactivation/reactivation on each machine separately, so you need to remember to deactivate on the old machine before moving to the other machine. (I.e. if you are on machine B, you can’t deactivate a license that is still active on machine A and you need to first return to machine A to deactive it.) A dongle saves you a bit of time and ensures you don’t need to access the previous machine if you forgot to deactivate it, but then off course there is always the risk of forgetting your dongle :wink: