New Beginner User Issues PI

HI all. Please forgive me if my questions seem dumb, but i am 13 and trying to self teach myself through online tutorials.
I am having two issues which hopefully someone can help me resolve. I am using BorisFX continuum with adobe premiere pro and adobe after effects on my windows 10 laptop.

#1: I am attempting the blow away text tutorial found here: Boris FX | Continuum: Blow Text Away with Particle Illusion
each time I try to open particle illusion, after effects freezes up and says not responding. I have the latest versions of adobe and continuum programs. Any ideas on this?

#2: I am also attempting the sports graphic tutorial series found here: Boris FX | Title Studio | Sports Graphics 01 | Starting Out
The problem I am having here is that my composite window doesn’t seem to be big enough for my rings for me to see all and work on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.

For the AE “freezing up” issue, are you certain that PI has not opened up, but behind other windows? Look at your open applications – you should see a separate Particle Illusion application.

If you don’t see a PI app, then I’d suggest freeing up as much memory as possible: close your browser, any other apps besides AE. If it still isn’t working, try running PI in standalone mode (look for the PI shortcut in the Continuum Start Menu or folder.

If PI still doesn’t run outside of AE, try closing AE and then running PI standalone.

If all of that still doesn’t work (PI never opens), you’ll want to reinstall I think.