New Mocha install doesn't show up in Avid Effect Palette

I just bought a subscription to Mocha Pro, for a side project. I
installed it, the message says installed. But when I open up Media
Composer, there is no Mocha Pro in the Effect Palette. And I search ‘Mocha’
with no results.

I wrote tech support yesterday but haven’t received a response. Wondering if there is something I’m missing.

Harry Miller

AMC 2021.9
macOs 10.13.6
Macbook Pro 15inch

Hi Harry,

The minimum requirement for Mocha Pro 2022 is macOS 10.14 or later. Are you able to bump up to the next OS version?

If you want to use macOS 10.13 the latest version of Mocha you can use is Mocha Pro 2021.

Thanks Martin. Jon responded to me with a link to an earlier version that worked. I’m installing this on an older system to get my son interested in helping me with Mocha projects.