New to Mocha, need some advice!

Hi there,

Apologies for the long post in advance but I’m new to Mocha and I’m trying to track a wall that has a bunch of different things occluding it. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials and learned a lot (Thank-you Mary!) but I still can’t seem to figure this shot out. I’ve uploaded some pictures to help better explain my struggles.

I start at the end of the shot because that’s when the wall is the most visible but then a girl passes in front of it and the camera focuses on her in a close-up in the foreground. She then moves back into full frame and the camera follows her behind a wooden post to the beginning of the shot where half the wall is obstructed. I’ve tried tracking the post and the girl on their own layers and placing them ABOVE the wall track to hold them out but it still messes up my wall track. I’ve tried just tracking the wall and going back and trying to adjust the track but that doesn’t seem to work either as there’s not really good reference points on that wall that don’t become occluded at some point. I’ve also tried manually tracking the occluded parts but end up with a lot of drift; So I guess my questions are (1) Do the hold out tracks roto need to be really accurate, and (2) help! The struggle is real! BTW- this is one shot, no cuts.
Thanks in advance!

This is going to be a real pain to track. your occlusion tracks don’t need to be accurate, but the masks for them need to go outside the object that’s occluding for the times when they pass over your attempted track. You might want to move your shape for your wall when things get tricky to other similarly moving areas. Sometimes switching to translation+scale+rotation only or simply translation only, and then using adjust track over the top to correct any drift. This is a tricky long shot, so it’s going to definitely need adjust track at some point. I think you can do it. Cheat and grab the wood wall wherever you can, even though it’s at 90 degrees to your wall you’re tracking, it will at least give you the camera motion.

Glad you like the tutorials!


Gosh yes, that wall is going to be painful as it’s the least textured wall in the shot! :slight_smile:

Are you able to send us the shot in question? I’m curious to see the overall motion: martinb[at]

Thank-you so much for your help, you have know idea how much I appreciate it! I’ve been trying to track this for two days and I think I finally got it! Thank-you sooo much!

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We are very happy you are getting better results now!