New to Mocha

Hello, i am very new to mocha planar tracking, and have watched many tutorials, but have questions i could not find the answer for in those tutorials. My first question is that when i am exporting there tracking data, one of the options is transform data. What’s that for. In all the tutorials they used corner pin data. Also What exactly is the corner pin and what is it for? If i were trying to make a video of an fire explosion, and i wanted to track the fire explosion to the ground, where would i set the corner pins? Corner pins seem to only work for flat videos. I would need the explosion to go straight up. Also would i export tracking data, or should i use corner pin. Also, in some tutorials, they say to click align to surface, so the corner pin is the size of the composition in after effects. When i do that the grid and surface get so messed up than when i export it says error there could be tracking data missing or wrong. It seems like to me that mocha is used mainly for
attaching videos to to objects like tv’s.I would be very grateful if someone could answer my many questions.

  1. Transform data is x,y,z rotation and scale data for one point. To use it you will need to paste the data on a layer and remove the anchor point keys. The anchor keys are used for stabilisation, so if you don’t remove these they will counter the transform.
  2. Corner pin is used any time you need to distort something with the planar information. This is most commonly used for screen and sign inserts, but has many other uses. It is not generally used for 3d effects.
  3. If you are tracking in an explosion I would recommend using the transform export. It is easier if you paste the data to a Null first, then parent it to your explosion layer. Again, remember to remove the anchor point keys.
  4. If the surface is screwing up, this usually means your tracking data is scaling up further and beyond the view. Try using align to surface on the frame where your tracked object is at it’s largest instead.
    Mocha is used extensively in many situations from roto assistance to difficult tracking and insertion tasks. If you are only using mocha AE you are limited to tracking and roto (which is powerful in itself), but mocha Pro has many more features: