New to Optics, need direction creating an effect

I have played with this plugin enough to see that it is capable of creating effects that I am interested in, but the UI/logic of how to do it isn’t presenting itself. I would think that to create an effect I could select a lens flare or prismatic effect and output it to a layer in PS - but no luck. So far I’ve found that effects are generated completely based on the image content that is imported into Optics, not a generated overlay that can be repeated for different images.

Here is the effect I’m looking to create:

Create a black layer in Photoshop - apply Optics and the flare you want, then set your PS layer to Screen.

Paul beat me to it… but yes if you want to do your photo compositing/editing back in Photoshop, you can apply elements on black and than comp using transfer modes in PS or Lightroom.

Note that on many of the Light effects, you can also set them to generate only the element over black (see image under Lens Flare parameters). This way you can test an effect on top of the image your applied, but switch it to over black before going back to PS. (You can even apply a black color layer (under color tab) and the flare above.

As far as using effects again on other images, you can save the Optics project as a setup under file OR you can rename and save your edited effect as a preset and make a collection of favorites.

Lastly - if you were not aware, the Lens Flare Designer gives the unlimited ability to refine your custom flares. You can add/remove and edit elements. It is quite deep but very useful. As an example here is a setup that I saved to download. I took a Flare preset, at top selected Edit Lens and removed some elements, added a few more.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I only wish that the Glint Rainbow effect had this same option!

For Glint Rainbow, set the Source Opacity to 0.

Yes, some Optics filters are driven by the image value itself. Here is another quick workaround that would give controls to produce repeatable results that are not image-driven.

  1. I applied a black color effect (under color category).
  2. Applied a Lens Flare effect and desaturated.
  3. Then applied the Glint Rainbow effect.

I think experimenting with this idea will allow you to build a library of custom effects.

Thanks! This gets me started!

I have found that creating a 50% Gray Layer, and then using Optics, then saved back to PS and control the layer using Opacity, Fill and sometimes, Blend If. I love this Optics!