New to Silhouette, rendering out?

Hi, I’ve prob got something quite wrong here, playback of this is extremely slow in Silhouette, I have the back of the van tracked with an insert Render - Composite, &
I’m trying to work out the rendering, within Silhouette it seems i can only Render Session,

that puts a bunch of files in the chosen folder, i read this is normal & silhouette exports individual frames?

I had to drag them into Vegas, playback is extremely slow, Build dynamic ram & selectively prerender helped but was slow & the images are washed out as if the glow i put on in the standalone Silhouette was covering the whole screen instead of just the insert clip.,?

I tried saving the project in the standalone & opening in the plugin in Vegas but because i’d added Mocha Pro & a BCC Colorize Glow it didn’t open the same, these 2 were red crossed out.

Saving & closing that, back in Vegas i have nothing.

Like i say i’ve prob got this all backwards but if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.


A couple of things:

  • Silhouette does not render movie files. You can only render sequential files.
  • Your source footage is 8 bit and your choice of file type is EXR. EXR’s are very slow to read and not the best for 8 bit footage and is the reason it is bright in Vegas. Render to a file format other than EXR, Cineon or DPX.
  • Whether the playback of sequential in Vegas is fast or not is really a Vegas issue. I can see why the EXR’s would be slow, but another format should be faster.
  • The BCC and Mocha plug-ins not being available in the Silhouette plug-in is expected. OFX plug-ins are not supported in the Silhouette plug-in.

Thanks, like i say I’m new to this,
I didn’t realize i had an option of file type to render, now you’ve said that there is other options I see them now in the Output window/box, :+1:
Yep Vegas isn’t the best but a jpg, png etc would play a lot better :+1:
& thanks yep i understand ‘‘The BCC and Mocha plug-ins not being available in the Silhouette plug-in is expected. OFX plug-ins are not supported in the Silhouette plug-in.’’ I had to upgrade to the Standalone to get those available in Silhouette.

but if i save a project in the Standalone, then i open the project in the plugin Silhouette do i have to have the movie file already on the timeline in Vegas

Here i created a very simple no effects at all project in the standalone, saved project & exited,

applied Silhouette to the track in Vegas

& opened Silhouette & the project no prob

but back in Vegas i get ‘Project Offline’

This would be simple to add the mp4 to the timeline but what if i’d added a few files to the Standalone project?
Thanks for your help, baby steps at the mo,

You add the same source clip that was used in Silhouette to the timeline in Vegas and then apply Silhouette. This sets the duration properly.

After opening the Silhouette standalone project and then closing the Silhouette standalone interface, set the Render parameter to Composite instead of Paint in the Silhouette plug-in parameters in Vegas. When set to Paint 9the default), it is looking for Paint data and shows Project Offline when no paint data can be found.

To render in the host application, Vegas in this case, the Output node is Silhouette needs to be black in the File field of the Output node.

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Thankyou for your time & patience :+1: