Newbie Help: Book Distortion Tracking

Hi there

I’m trying to track this clip:

What im trying to track are the green boxes and trying to replace them with video clips.

The only problem i’m facing is the tracking getting distorted when the pages start curving e.g. 6 seconds into the clip.


I’m not sure what technique to use to track this

Just wondering, is there a way to manually track frame by frame?

Shots like this are going to be hard, as you’re dealing with a distorted surface. The planar track will get you most of the way there, but then you’re going to have to get a bit creative with the distortion as the planar surface is only going to work for an actual plane.

You can switch to manual track in the tracking parameters (see the “Motion” panel), and then adjust the surface corners to fit, but the you will need to distort.

If you are moving this out to After Effects or Nuke etc, you will need to apply some sort of warp effect to the image to make it fit the page, then mask the rest out.
If you plan to use mocha Pro, you can use the warping tools in the Insert module to adjust to the warp of the page.