Newbie Problem with "Track with Mocha" from AE

I HAVE READ the FAQ on common problems regarding tracking for AE so please don’t re-direct me there.

I’m a newbie, so even if the problem could be fixed by info in the FAQ, I’ve done my best.

Here’s what’s happening.

I am trying to motion track some simple videos shot with an iPhone 5.

Since the .mov file that comes off the phone won’t load in Mocha due to codec issues (white screen) I opened the file in QT 7 and saved with the “720” setting, which loads fine in Mocha.

However, what is puzzling me, is that there are 371 frames (15.11 seconds) recognized in AE, while there are 456 frames listed in Mocha, but all settings appear to be the same. Obviously, my tracking data doesn’t work.

I do see that it puts a little bracket on the timeline at 371 frames.

I think there’s perhaps a core misunderstanding I have here, but I am very technically adept so if someone could point out what I’m missing I’d appreciate it.

Also, I’m a bit confused with how to deal with tracking data when the think I’m tracking is only on screen for part of the footage. I assumed I should drop the tracking data in on the frame where the tracked region presents itself, and then make the new layer invisible otherwise. Any comments about dealing with this would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!


Hi Jason,

This sounds like a frame rate issue. Please make sure your frame rates match in mocha and in ae.