Newbie question - removing sensor spots

I have some tracking shots of a presenter speaking - shot on A7S2 4K & Ronin S. Unfortunately there are some static lens or sensor spots in the middle of the frame. So at the beginning of the shot they are over sky then are over her face. I’ve tried using basic dust removal in Premiere - but it looks bad. So I think one of the Boris FX apps might work better.

Any suggestions as to which app I should try and any links to tutorials would be much appreciated.

Hi Aaron
it depends on what type of spots,
but if small burnt out pixel type spots, BCC Pixel fixer may help here

Thanks Shane

It’s not a dead pixel - more like dust or a raindrop - a small darkish splodge - but I could give Pixel Fixer a go.

I guess it would need to track the video in the area of the problem to see what picture information should be there?

Hey Guys,

So I agree with Shanes’s suggestion that for dead pixels in the camera sensor are quickly and easily fixed with the BCC Pixel Fixer. If it’s something else, which appears to be the case from your last message, then you can move up to the BCC Remover, which includes the Mocha planar tracker for controlling the position of the mask shape which is used for the pixel replacement.

You can find tutorials on that filter here -


Many thanks Guys

BCC Remover looks like the way to go - I will give it a try.