Newby LR/PS user needs to know

I have been looking at Optics heavily. I love what I am seeing, and don’t want to jump in and get lost.

Does Otics work with .orf files, or do I have to process through to jpeg?

Can I get my main look with LRC and then add just the Particle effects, light effects etc in Optics?

So many questions.

@richard.bone1970 Welcome! When you Optics in PS or LR, the file format does not matter as it is converted internally by Optics to a Tiff file. The Standalone supports Olympus .orf files, but not the most recent cameras. For a complete list of supported raw camera formats, see the Optics FAQ.

In LrC, select Edit In > Optics 2022 and choose Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments to retain the adjustments made in LrC.

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Ok, Thanks.

Is the Trial version “throttled back” from the subscription version?

The trial version is fully functional.