Newer to Silhouette, could use some general workflow guidance

Hey everyone!

I’ve been using Mocha for quite some time and recently got my hands on Silhouette. I’m working on a shot that I think would be best handled by Silhouette, but I’m having some trouble. I’ve looked at tons of tutorials and understand fairly well how to use Silhouette. I’m just not sure how to begin applying the tools to this shot here:

In this, you’ll see a ladder against one of the homes. It’s the roof with the worker walking down the roof. What I need to do is remove the parts of the ladder that don’t overlap the roof. I’ve tried painting it manually through cloning, using other frames to paint in, and so on, but I always either end up with chatter or with various mismatches between the cloned areas and the footage.

I’m usually pretty resourceful so even with broad advice I can get going at it. I’d just love some advice on where to start. I appreciate it in advance!

Rather than use clone/paint, you might want to think about painting multiple smaller patches and planar tracking them back on top. By breaking into smaller pieces, you’d have more latitude to focus on the trickier parts. For example, removing the ladder in front of the roof tile pattern is not that hard with a perspective track.

But this area might be trickier due to the 3D scale & perspective of the black objects on top of tiles.

Another thing to look at in Silhouette is the InPaint node which will allow you to use vector roto shapes in conjunction with clone/offset. Did you get to watch this video series? Boris FX | Training Series It is a different challenge but has some similar concepts.

Hope this helps. I am sure others might have more specific tips.

Excellent, thank you! I’ll have a look.