Newest particle illusion layout save

[date=2020-07-09 timezone=“America/New_York”]I realize there is a View choice in ribbon line - for all but Layout save. Can anyone tell me how to save one. I have laid out the application spanning across two monitors but now cannot save it. I hate to admit I can’t find it, but is this choice available in the standalone newest version for free or is it available in the buy plug in version. Thank you in advance

Hi there,

In Particle Illusion there is no way (currently) to save custom layouts, however, the software is supposed to return to the last used state after exiting the program. What I mean by that is when you set up the UI the window layout the way you want it, you should be able to return to the same window layout when you reopen the program.

We included 4 set up states for you to select from - these are available under the View menu - you’ll see them in the dropdown when you click on the View menu or you can use the hotkeys to quickly switch between the available options.

That said, I’ve added user customizable saved layouts as a feature request in our database so at some stage this will make it into the product.


Thank you. I will persist to to remember that and hopefully this change update to Particle Illusion will happen sooner than later. Have a great weekend. I am trying now to go through some helpful tutorials to understand how to work through keyframing. It is a bit different than even DaVinci Resolve and Edius but not as linear as Adobe After Effects. Again Thanks