No activation help for old version - my previous post

Boris will no longer assist with activations for the olde version of Particle Illusion. Why was my post regarding this removed?


I’ve found that support from BorisFX is challenging at best, especially if you aren’t constantly spending more and more with them. I think they should take a page from Pixologic in how to support their customers…it might persuade some of us to invest in more of their products.

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Hey Guys,

So first and foremost, PI v.3 is so old now that we cannot possibly offer any level of support for that obsolete version of the product. I highly doubt that you would get support from Apple for FCP 7 and this is no different. Instead, I would suggest that you opt for the new version of PI, which we offer totally free of charge. Your previous emitter libraries can be used in the new version - you simply need to copy them into the emitters folder and they should appear.

Secondly, we as a company offer a premium level of customer support, helping those that are on full support contracts (which are included with subscription licenses) via our internal support group and for some products those that are out of support can get help via this forum for free. Of course there will be times when a case falls through the cracks for a multitude of reasons but this is not indicative of our general level of customer support.

If you feel as though you have not been given the level of support that you feel you paid for then we would very much like to hear about it as we are always striving to enhance the user experience and finding ways in which we can improve.


Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for your response. I don’t expect you to offer any support for the old version of Particle Illusion outside of being able to activate it. I have other perpetual licences which are even older than PI that I can activate and still use. Having said that I have paid for the new version and will transition to it fully in the future. Your plugins are brilliant and I will continue to purchase them but I just wanted to let you know my opinion on letting me continue to use software that I have a license for. Thank you.