No animation presets?

I must be missing something simple. I’ve created an Ae project.

  1. Added an .AI image (Illustrator) to my Ae project.
  2. Added S_GlowEdges to my .Ai image

When I run thru the timeline nothing animates? I thought that these effects animated?

Where are the Continuum and/or Sapphire animation presets located? I’m probably missing something very obvious. Help?

Cheers, Rob.

Hi There,

So while Continuum includes some animated presets, Sapphire includes static only presets so that’s the first thing that you’re running into.

Legacy Continuum filters include a preset navigator called the FX Browser, which has its own custom user interface window and can be launched by clicking on the button labelled FX Browser at the top of each BCC filter. Note that in the newer BCC+ filters we have replaced this feature with the FX Editor, which is a preset navigator and editor.

In the FX Browser, presets are divided into two categories - static (labelled with the .bsp suffix) and animated (labelled with the .bap suffix). You can select a preset and use the play controls to preview it before applying it to the source shot. You can make adjustments to any static or animated preset by applying it and then modifying it in the host.

All presets in Continuum and Sapphire are animatable so if you can’t find an animation that you like, you can always animate any parameter to create your own customized look.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the response Peter.

I think what I was missing is the “.bap” (animated) vs. “.bsp” for Continuum … when using the BCC FX Browser there doesn’t appear to be any way to filter animated vs. static? The only way is to click on each effect to see if the file is .bsp or .bap extension.

I’m not seeing any BCC FX Editor? Can you point me in a direction on how to access the FX Editor?

Cheers, Rob.

EDIT: The online documentation suggested here: Boris FX | BCC+FX-Editor … I’m not seeing any FX Editor Button?

EDIT 2: Found it, so the FX Editor is only available for “BCC+” FX and not “BCC” FX.

Hi Rob,

When in the FX Browser, switch the listing from thumbnails to list view and you will see a column labelled Preset Type. In this column each preset will be identified as either a static or animated xml preset.


Awesome, thanks Peter!

Cheers, Rob.