No HUD in After Effects 2020

I am using the demo software version 13.0.2 to evaluate. In Primatte studio I do not get a HUD. Also get no HUD in any filter. With Primatte studio this keeps me from manually selecting a key color.


Hi Tcliffe,
I’m not sure about in other apps, but if you’re in AE, at the top of the plugin is a HUD button that toggles it on and off.

As Shane mentioned, make sure the H.U.D. Preference button is enabled (blue) in the Continuum control panel at the top of the effect. Also make sure that the effect name itself is selected/highlighted in AE. See the attached screenshot.

That applies to all Continuum filters. In the case of Primatte Studio specifically you might also want to hit the Reset Toolbar button at the very bottom of the effect controls in case the Primatte Studio toolbar is off the edge of the screen.

Thanks for the replys. The HUD button is blue. Have tried clicking it. Also the FX is highlighted.


I have done additional testing. It appears that the HUD will appear in my other saved projects. It will not appear in the one I want to test BCC on. I have clicked the HUD button and highlighted the effect title. I have also clicked the toolbar reset.

Any idea where it could be hiding?


If you are using After Effects, is it possible that you are viewing a layer and not the comp?