No Matte Clip option under Layer Properties

I need to import mattes I have already created to use as subtraction mattes in Mocha AE for when I track. When I create a new shape/layer there is no longer an option for Matte Clip. Has it moved or is there another way to import mattes?

I am using Mocha AE Plugin V. 7.5.0 build 1284.g70f8ee7e3fe2

There is no external clip import support in the Mocha AE plugin, so you cannot import matte clips in this version.

Matte imports are only available via Mocha Pro, as the full software has the necessary external clip import architecture.

In this tutorial from Boris it shows the Matte Clip drop down in the AE version - Boris FX | Mocha Tips: Shape Based Tracking, Part 2

I have used mocha for over 10 years, when did you remove this function from the AE version and why would you remove something so important and basic to getting a good track?

Hi Sam,

That video shows the Mocha Pro Adobe Plugin interface in After Effects, not the light Mocha AE plugin.

The matte clip dropdown hasn’t been in Mocha AE for several years.

The much older standalone version of Mocha AE had external clip support when it was separate from the AE application, but it was removed when the plugin version was added to After Effects. The transition to 64 bit After Effects meant we had to drop the 32-bit external Quicktime import support process when we bundled the plugin.

We retained the insert clip dropdown for preview purposes, as those clips are built into the application.