No "Mocha Import" in AE CS5.5?

Hi! New to the forums. I’ve inherited a digital FX job, and I’m scrambling to get up and running. I have After Effects CS5.5, and I just purchased Mocha Plus 4. According to all the tutorials I’ve seen online, there’s supposed to be a separate panel/pane/section in AE, on the same panel as “Project”, that has the Mocha settings and import button.

Am I missing a plug-in? Is there an incompatibility issue I’m not aware of? Is there a setting I’ve missed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


In older versions of AE, you have to go into the plugins folder to access mocha as a standalone program. From there, you will need to load the clip in manually into mocha and track and export to AE.

  1. You build your comp in AE as normal.
  2. Then you load mocha out of the plugins folder.
  3. Then you load your clip into mocha and make sure all your settings are the exact same as they are in AE.
  4. Then you track.
  5. Then you export to AE.
Please let me know if you have any more questions an I will be happy to help.