No more thumbnails preview after upadting to 2021

After updating from continuum 2020.5 to 2021 i have no more thumbnail preview. how can i create/render and preview the thumbnails.

Hi There. I’m not sure which actual thumbnails you’re referring to. Can you please provide a screenshot so that we can see what you are seeing?

Thanks for answering, While using title studio there are several options e.g. calles lower thirds, if i choose lower thirds there is a separate window showing different template for existing title effects. these thumbnails were acting until the last version, i mean they have moved. it was possible to see how the effect is working before i use the effect. now there are still images. no more action.

(Hmmmmm, how can i integrate a screenshot ?)

Hi Armin,

To see the animation you need to click on a thumbnail in the library and then click on the play button in the preview window. Then you can cycle through the various thumbnails in the library using the arrow keys and the animation for each successively selected preset will play in the preview window.

I hope this helps!


Also, depending on the host you are using and the type of clip you are using (especially a solid/still) it may be treating the clip as having duration of 1 frame so you don’t see the animation. Try applying to a video clip instead of still if that is the case.

Another thing to check is the in/out points of the playback in the FX Browser’s timeline. If the in/out points are set to a very small frame range than it might appear not to animate.


Hi, Armin,

There must be some confusion here. The thumbnails inside the Title Studio FX Browser have always been stills. They have never animated. Maybe you are thinking of Red? Or perhaps you are thinking of the thumbnails back in the Vegas host itself since the Vegas host presets do have animation. In Continuum’s FX Browser if you click a particular thumbnail (preset) then you can see it played back at full size in the main preview window if you hit the Play button in the FX Browser’s timeline. But it the thumbnails themselves are always stills.

If you are not seeing the background source image try making sure the Vegas current time indicator in the timeline is parked in the middle of the clip with the effect on it before launching the FX Browser.