No Particle Illusions in Premiere

When I install Particle Illusions, I don’t see it in my effects box on Premiere.
BCC and FEC effects working fine on Premiere Pro CC. I understood that it was necessary to install Particle illusion by default. So it’s not a plugin like FCc and BCC?

If you have Continuum, Particle Illusion is included (in the BCC Particles category).

If you’ve installed Particle Illusion Standalone only (not Continuum), then you won’t see PI as a plugin (the “standalone” is just that – not a plugin).

It IS possible to have both Continuum Particle Illusion and Particle Illusion Standalone installed at the same time, although if you have Continuum PI there’s no reason to have the standalone too.

Thanks for your réponse.

I have only installed Particle Illusion Standalone.

There is no Boris PI on my Boris Continuum

Particle Illusion has been including in Continuum since Continuum 2019 (or maybe 2018)

Ok thanks