No surface anchoring points

If the tracked plane in the video is positioned such that:

A) Has no points to anchor the surface, because the tracked plane of the object is completely covered with reflections.

For example, the camera very closely shows the plane that needs to be tracked and which is completely covered by the reflection of the environment.

How to be in this situation?

B) On the first part of the video, there are points for fixing the surface, but after turning the camera, these points go beyond the border of the video or are reflected or shadowed on them, or disappear due to the structure of the object. Because of this, there is no complete surface fixation throughout the video.

See example:

You need to track the hood of the car.

In the screenshot, a red circle marks a point that is installed on the pillar near the hood. This screenshot was taken almost at the end of the video.

By the beginning of the video, the camera turns over to the side of the car

and the pillar goes behind the windshield. The windshield and bonnet reflect the environment in this area. This point disappears and the surface in the video becomes impossible to fix.

How to be in this situation?

You really need to track edges of the planes and not reflections. And you will need to use adjust track to fix any drift as the surfaces are pretty complex, use the surface and not the corners to get the track correction right. On surfaces like this you can’t always see the same points in every frame. But you can see the surface tool and see if it looks right.

You may have to split planes up as well for better results.