No visible crossbar when activating the planar surface

hello community,
i have a strange issue here: with mocha AE (CC 2018) i cant see the crossbar anymore when activating the planar surface tool. Crossbar%20planarsurface
is there any hidden preference setting to activate the crossbar again?
( screenshot is from a tutorial)
i am working on win 10 professional, nvidia geforce 980 TI ( Driver 388.59)
thanks a lot in advance

Mocha AE CC does not have the cross bar on the surface as it is based on V4 of the software.
This surface feature is only in V5 of Mocha Pro and later.

Perhaps you are confusing the two?

thank you!
yes, i am running the demo-version of mocha 5.60 paralell and there is the crossbar. the tutorial-instructor also using version 5. thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile: