Node for changing opacity of a clip?

I have a clip into a roto node then into a matte repair node, and this allows me to change the overall opacity of the clip via the matte repair node, but is there a different node I can send a clip directly into in order to just change opacity without needed any roto?

Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

Hi, 2am here so i was just playing with this, :yawning_face::joy:
Do you want reducing the opacity to create a transparency?
what about Mix Math Composite, here i put a clear blank .png in the other input

I added a 3rd image & plugged it in, the Mix node affects how much the main image is seen in the Output

Hi thanks for the reply. I tried this out, but I couldn’t get it to work with a blank (shows as a checkerboard in photoshop) png. In silhouette it was just showing up as white image (but please let me what png settings you had for the image node when you pulled it into the mix so I could try that again, thanks!).

I did use a color node and set it to black and tied that into the MIX node, and this did allow me to do the opacity adjustment, but to give a slightly different result than putting a ROTO node with a giant rectangle shape to cover the entire frame, and then using a MATTE REPAIR node OPACITY setting for adjustment. The MIX node version, to me, seems like it makes colors richer/bolder (instead of just a straight fade away) on the main image (input 1) as it becomes more transparent (moving the AMOUNT closer to 100).

Please let me know any thoughts on what might be causing the different coloring that I’m seeing. Thanks for any additional help :slight_smile:

Hi it was just dragged on as the defaults Silhouette chooses, i didn’t any more than that,
This is that png :+1:
4am off to bed :raising_hand_man:

the video is 1920x1080, but the clear png which i loaded first us 13840x2160 so the video is smaller on screen,
The two Mix nodes give a grey i presume clear background

but the composite nodes give a black background :man_shrugging: