Node for lowering brightness on highlights or hotspots


Is there a particular node/s I could use for lowering the brightness of just the whitest/brightest spots of a clip for the scenario below?

I have a clip where I had replaced a scuffed up off-white background behind a talent with a dark uniformly colored background, but I need to get rid of the white/bright spots, that show through the talent’s hair.

Thanks for any help!!!

I suggest the Color > Develop node and adjust the Recovery parameter.

Hi Marco, thanks for this, yea the Develop node looks like a good option for this case as I’m playing with the settings. But I’m not able to restrict the area to a Roto shape area. What should my IN and OUTs from coming from a Roto node (which has the shape I want to restrict the Develop node to), going into the Develop node? Ultimately I want to “fix” the hotspots of just the roto shaped area without effecting the rest of the clip. Thanks again for your help!

This will work:

Ah thanks Marco, I was putting the Roto first. Just one other question. Is the zMatte node being using to add some additional limits to the Develop node in addition to the final roto shape?

zMatte is creating an alpha to limit where the Develop node is adjusted.

OK I think I see how it works. So technically I’m hard restricting the Develop node by using a Roto node after, but the zMatte is also creating a more refined limiting of the Develop node based on the ZMatte parameter tweaks, do I understand correctly?