Node groups / template

Hi! Is there a way to save a certain group of nodes and then re-use them in another Silhouette Projects?
In the same lines, another question: I’m using the OFX version (not standalone), is it possible to copy/paste between 2 open Silhouette Instances?

Lets say I have a group of output nodes already setup and just want to import then into the other projects or something alike.

Silhouette 2022.5.2 20221209.183840 Build: 157 OFX on OSX(mac)

@mborgo I don’t believe one can copy/paste between 2 open instances. I often save out nodes, and sometimes groups of nodes and then re-import them in to other projects, via the Trees Window icons. However the Paint node cannot be exported. I am guessing the pathing might have to be edited for any Output nodes, but I have not tried exporting an Output node, just middle nodes/groups of nodes. This is for the SA, but am guessing it would be the same for the plugin.

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Thanks Katie :slight_smile: yeah I’m still new to this 2020+ version. The node export from the tree is what I’m looking for.